Our People



Cactus Feeders is 100% employee owned through the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). We pay our people twice, once as employees in their paychecks, and once a year with company stock as owners of the business. As Cactus Employee Owners, they earn 100% paid retirement at a rate of twice the national average retirement account balance.


The plan was developed in 1990, and today, the company is 100% employee owned. The company has seen over 70 employees who have reached 20 or more years of service since its start in 1975. With over 800 employees across Iowa, Texas, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, Cactus Feeders is constantly developing, changing and educating on the importance of sustainable agriculture. The 800 employee owners are dedicated to our mission of "Feeding A Hungry World"



The employee owners of Cactus Feeders work each day to ensure that the 500,000 cattle and 450,000 pigs in our care are raised in an environment that is safe for both the animal and employee. Our animals receive the best possible health care and animal nutrition. The motto of our employee owners is “The animals come first, we don’t go home until they are taken care of”. Cactus Feeders understands that the best product we have is a well-cared for animal.